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New Year’s Resolution 2021

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It seems that finally, this awkward year has come to an end.

A terrible year for most athletes and sports lovers, only a few ones were able to keep on with their lives, training and fighting as usual. In 2020 the world changed, things we took for granted we’re taken away from us, leaving us not many ways to fight it.

Covid19 took people’s life’s away, people’s health away, people trust.

It made us close our home doors, and sometimes our minds too. In general, the first thing that happened was the shutdown of kids sports, thankfully they were not affected by this horrible virus, yet they could still affect others. So school and other activities kids usually do were done only inside their own house.

After the kid’s school and all sports shutdowns, gyms and dojos didn’t take long to close too, leaving only a few lucky ones with the opportunity to keep on training. Even running outside became a crime in some countries in Europe, the only way to keep on training was inside the house with a small training plan, or online training classes, which helped people so much!

I would say that the first New Years Resolution for everyone, would be to return of those little punks back into the normal routine of running around and suplexing each other in every school and extracurricular sports classes!

Unfortunately to a certain level sporting athletes could only help so much.

So our second New Year Resolution would be coming back to sports training as before! Because I never missed having a black eye so much!

After the gyms decided on a lockdown a couple of times last year, in some countries further lockdown carry on at the moment, and for business reasons many of them closed definitely, and it seems it’s going to be very difficult for the ones that actually decide to reopen.

So our third New Years Resolution should be the reopening of the gyms, so we can go back to training and living health again….. all of us! Professional athletes, amateurs, and people that just love to train. Don’t forget exercise makes our immune system stronger. Collective sports enhance socializing because humans are social animals, we need to socialize with each other, to bond with others, and nothing is better than sports for that.

Let’s go back to those days where we punch and hug each other day in and day out. Back to the days where we help each other reach our goals and break limits!

During 2020 most people realized how great it is to do what we do, and I am sure that as soon as everything reopens, we will show the world the importance of sports, of fighting sports, and how bad we want to train and to fight! Just because… WE ARE LEGION.

Now tell us your MMA New Years Resolutions?


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