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A New Era for Mixed Martial Arts

Join the legion today for exclusive content. Watch our elite champions battle it out, tune in to the best athletes from all around the world.

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Centurion FC is back! and MALTA will be our battlefield with AD MAIORA and a show you won’t forget!

Watch our elite fighters battle for pride and glory this NOV 16th, 2022.

Venue: Ta' Qali Basketball Pavillion, Malta


meet our brand Ambassador


Gallo Roberto

As the founder of Centurion FC, Roberto Gallo has been an early advocate of mixed martial arts as a sport and has made a 26-year contribution to the industry.

Early on in his career, he was fortunate enough to train and fight alongside the Gracie family where he learned the core values that Centurion FC still encapsulates to this day.

Gallo, as commonly known in the industry, has proven to be a great leader through his dedication and discipline. A true inspiration and a committed Ambassador to the Art.


ABOUT Centurion FC

Centurion FC is widely recognized as the most entertaining Mixed Martial Arts company in the South of Europe. Elite fighters combine a powerful fusion between Combat Sports and MMA Entertainment. The future is now. Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Centurion FC was established on the legendary island of Malta and it spearheaded the mixed martial arts scene in the Mediterranean region and southern Europe, commanding the first legion of fighters and loyal fans looking for entertainment.

Our mission is to create a new breed of athletes ready to enter the octagon. In the cage, we bring you the most exciting, competitive, and entertaining MMA tournaments in the world.

Centurion FC Reviews

“I really enjoyed the new arena and the format of the fights.  A world-class event with much less over-hyped drama. Really looking forward to the next event”

Izaak Stivala