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Yes We Are Back And Operating ,And This Time We Are Going to Enter MMA’s Europe From The main Door ,Our President Mr.Gallo has been Working for Over a Year on This Card and the following 4 events and the challenge is Became Big as F**k or Quit,

And We Never Quit.

In fact the last Centurion 6 Resilience was held in the same location on 26th October 2019 representing a quantum leap from the previous 5 editions, and this time we are ready to take it a further step forward, this is the Centurion Mentality!

A bit of history …

Mr. Roberto Gallo, CEO of Centurion FC, began in 2016 to work on the first MMA Pro Event in Malta, from his background in the world of combat sports and the great passion for martial arts ,Centurion FC was born.

A lot of work, a lot of organization ,and in the end on May 13th 2017 at the Corradino Sport Pavilion in Paola is presented the CFC 1 “The Time Has Come”, an event that has seen many prominent athletes of the European scene putting up a great show which already excited our audience. Fro the start,’the first edition was sold out, 9 pro matches with athletes from all over Europe, and 4 Maltese who played at home, with 2 victories, Spectacular Co-Main Event with an unforgettable Sammarco Vs Palombi the latter had played the last match at Bellator, and that after 3 rounds of submission attempts on both sides loses on points, Super K. o. in the match between Nassourdine Imavov and Paul Lawrence, the talent of the MMA Factory Paris scouted by Mr.Gallo already ‘at the first edition and reconfirmed in the second, brings home a splendid knockout after a knee to the cage that puts Lawrance out of action, it is no coincidence that today Imavov was put under contract by UFC and won at his debut. The Main Event Saw Kuyten vs Aksu with a victory on points for the Dutchman.

Also in 2017, on November 4th , the Second Edition of Centurion FC was held, this time with a 12-fight card, in the same location as the first event, once again sold out days before the event. This event saw the first women’s MMA match in Malta between Micaleff Vs Tavares, the first non-European athletes with Ryo Yamaguchi from Japan and Rafael Macedo from Brazil, Macedo starring in the Main Event against Daguir Imavov but losing on points after a very close fight, Spectacular Co-main Event with a thousand emotions between Alexandre Bordin and the Dutch Brian Lo-a-njoe and the super match between Ben Davis and Dragan Pesic who did not spare themselves giving the adrenaline to the fans.

In the following three events the organisation focused on bringing forward a project that would highlight the local fighters to try to give an identity and a roster in the MMA world to Malta, in these events for the first time amateur matches were included in the various cards.

The Centurion 3 “Road to Centurion”, Centurion 4 and Centurion 5 “Last Emperor” events have always seen an enthusiastic crowd and the names of local fighters, Matthew Camilleri, Enrico Manicaro, Isaac Nappa and Clive Cauchi stand out with brilliant performances, sensational locations such as the Villarosa Beach Garden with marvelous landscape meters from the beach and the Greek theatre at the National Park with the suggestive Hellenic style statues that adorned the entire arena. In particular The centurion 5 “Last Emperor “saw the first 4 man tournament won By Enrico Manicaro fighting 2 man in the same evening and becoming the champion.

But after this little pause for reflection, it’s back to the big time with Centurion 6 “Resilience” on 26th October 2019. The prestigious Hilton Portomaso will first host The Weight-inns Ceremony inside the Casino and then a spectacular event in theyr conference room. Main Event between the home champion Enrico Manicaro and the Italian Prospect Giuseppe Ruggeri who dominated the match and won on points. Spectacular performance of the French John Caseneuil MMA Factory Paris against the tough Krasmir Kirov, Great “Italian’s Job “ who won 4 out of 7 matches including 2 losses and a no contest.

In fact, the match between the Home Fighter Shaun Gaffarena and the Italian Alessio Scalavino was very controversial, after an absolute domination of the Italian athlete in the third and final round there is an alleged impropriety “eye-poke” to the damage of the Maltese, this leads to a momentary victory of Scalavino that will then be turned into a no-contest, with the promise by both fighters and the will of Mr. Gallo of a rematch at Centurion 7 or April 24.

The match is already on the card … We will see who keeps his word …

But let’s think about the future! What awaits us in April?

The engines are already hot, the card is almost ready and in a few days it will be made official, covid or no covid, with or without an audience the event will take place. There are many new features of this edition that we will discover in the coming weeks leading up to the event, we are sparing no expense and the goal is very ambitious, this is the spirit of Centurion, do things and do them big, especially in the most difficult moments.

Ave’ To You All See You in The Arena !

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January 30, 2021